Samsung GamePad price confirmed: $112.99 USD

Samsung GamePad price confirmed: $112.99 USD



Amazing isn’t it? Samsung revealed many accessories in their latest Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2013 for their flagship smartphone – Galaxy S IV – this year. One of the most unexpected accessories from Samsung this time is the Game Pad which is actually a game controller which docks with your Galaxy phones. The Game Pad supports for 4 inches up to 6.3 inches screen size models of their Galaxy Series. The Game Pad also has full control with optimised buttons (Dual Analog Stick, Shoulder Keys (L1 and R1), 4 Action buttons). The design looks very much like an X Box Controller. With this Game Pad, you can experience another level of mobile gaming which could be also used at home for other devices.

Did we just say 6.3 inches device? yes, it is also on the technical specification of the Game Pad but at the moment there isn’t one 6.3 inch smartphone from Samsung yet. So people speculate this is a pre-release advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy Note III which is said to be released in Sept 2013. Alternatively, the 6.3 inch phone could also be one of the most wanted device this year by Samsung – its first device running on their home-made OS called the Tizen. No matter what, “6.3” is really a big hint this time. Keep in view what will happen next folks!

The Game Pad can be activated via One Touch BT Pairing with its NFC Tectile. Game Pad is now priced at $112.99 USD. Don’t you think it is a bit expensive for just a controller? How promising the gaming market on Android is now? Well, we better be patient and wait for more information to surface before actually buying this.


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