Apple to announce iPhone 5S at WDC2013 on 29.6.2013?

Apple to announce iPhone 5S at WDC2013 on 29.6.2013?


Apple iPhone is looking at its 6th year birthday this year in 2013. The original iPhone was first introduced in 2007 on the WDC by Steve Jobs. The keynote almost shocked the world with the original iPhone 2G revealed on that event. That marked the start of the Apple iPhone Craze all over the world. Now its time for iPhone 5S as the usual practice of Apple suggests.

Although we can’t expect iPhone 6 to be announced at the event because it seems to early, an insider news from Apple told some sources that they believe that the iPhone 5S and the iPad 5th generation with retina display is going to be revealed on the special around the same time but called “original passion, new ideas” on June 29, 2013. Under the leadership of new CEO Tim Cook, the iPhone 5S and the iPad 5th Gen will be developed and revealed on that date. In that past, the event was held in San Francisco but now it should be in Cupertino. No matter where the place is, what Apple is going to be revealed to save itself from the massive and powerful attack from its rival Samsung would be the spotlight. Apparently iPhone 5, after around 6 months since launch, has appeared to be outdated given the much enhanced hardware specification around the market. Things such as 8 core processors, ultra pixel camera, super AMOLED screens by Samsung, HTC, LG or even from rising challengers like ZTE and Huawei, are definitely stealing the fame from Apple a lot during this half year passing some major events like CES2013 and MWC2013. Apple was also under fire for its mishandling of the Maps application after ditching Google Maps on the iOS devices.

So the date is June 29, 2013. Any comments?

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