Sony Xperia Z bricked: automatic shut down and hangs

Sony Xperia Z bricked: automatic shut down and hangs



There were reportedly case in which Sony’s 5 inch flagship phone found to be bricked and out of order. Most of these cases are about Xperia Z automatically shut down and users were unable to turn it on again. Some suggest that performing a hard reset could recover the Xperia Z but it seems this solution can’t save every single phone. At this moment, the cause of such brick hasn’t been revealed.

Sony Mobile’s official reply to the incident was: the problem will be solved in the next firmware update.

While Sony’s reply towards the technical problems with regards to the Xperia Z was found to be discouraging, users of the Xperia Z should also be vigilant against any irregularities found on the Xperia Z and take the phones to repair or refund if necessary.




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