Sony PS4 console revealed! Wait, what? an egg? 

Sony PS4 console revealed! Wait, what? an egg? 



The Sony PS4 announcement on the Playstation Meeting 2013 widely disappointed lots of people and die-hard fans of Sony Playstation series. The meeting was found to be trolling audience without revealing what PS4 actually looks like to the world.


Some latest development happened today on the Sony UK facebook page. They posted a strange photo with “It’s coming…” captioned on their official facebook page. That red and egg shaped machine is thought to be the PS4. But Seriously whon really think that is? It seems more likely the thing inside the egg will be the PS4 rather than the egg itself. Therefore, still, Sony is playing with us again.

If you can’t wait to see some design of the PS4, feel free to visit our post on the fan-made prospective design of the PS4.

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