Samsung Galaxy Note II (GN2) Lockscreen breach detected

Samsung Galaxy Note II (GN2) Lockscreen breach detected

We reported that iOS has a security problem with its lockscreen where malicious users could repeatedly enter the emergency call dialer on a lockscreen that require passcode to bypass and access the phone and contact page of the iPhones. Apple released yesterday a fix to the dialer and jailbreak loopholes with its iOS 6.1.3. However, the same problem happens on the older generations of iPhone such as iPhone 4 where people could take the SIM card out and access the phone bypassing the passcode. There are just too many ways to breach the lockscreen with passcode enabled aren’t there.

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It seems it is not just Apple at fault, the same problem also happens on Samsung Galaxy Note II (GN2) where people use the same tactic to bypass passcodes. If you have a passcode protection, you can still have a glance of the last page you used on the phone by tapping the “back” button on the emergency call dialer. If you keep doing this for a couple of times, the passcode could be breached and the app last opened would be seen.

This happens on GN2 running on Android 4.1.1 to Android 4.1.2. Original Android devices such as the Nexus series and Samsung Galaxy S III (GS3) don’t have such a problem at the moment.

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