iOS App Review: Flayvr – dynamic photo album sharing identical to the HTC Zoe

iOS App Review: Flayvr – dynamic photo album sharing identical to the HTC Zoe


HTC on it announcement event for the brand new HTC One released its latest software that could bring a revolution to the mobile photo album – that is the HTC Zoe. The HTC Zoe is basically an improved dynamic photo album which has replaced the present very dull photo albums with no interactions. The very straight photo album or camera roll on iOS hasn’t changed since iOS 3.0 so definitely people want changes to their photo browsing experience. Therefore, we have picked a new rising star from the App Store – Flayvr – an application that looks alike the HTC Zoe.


When you first get into the App, you will see a timeline-based index page where your photos taken will be effectively organised and fit in to the timeline and the boxes. Some smaller photo events may not be put into the boxes but they are still visible if you tap on the thumbnail of it. The photos in the boxes and on the timeline are actually very lively and they are switching and performing automatic screen slides so as to make the whole photo album very dynamic.

Select the photo album you want to view and it will expand the let you see the photo in a photo collage mode. You can tap on every single photo to view it in detail. Of course from the corner of the photo collage there is a share button which leads you to sharing functions to Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email, Google+. But the sharing function is just like no others. The Flayvr will generate a link for the photos that you have chosen and create a unique photo album for you online. You will be given a URL to the photo album and you can also share this with others.


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