Guy Kawasaki confirms customizable hardware on X Phone?

It has been very high profile that Google and Motorla are working on X Phone which will be unveiled at the Google I/O the coming May 2013. Around a week before this post, there were reportedly rumors about the customizable hardware of x phone surrounding the technology news. This rumors have some latest development to prove it might be real.

Consultant of Motorola, Guy Kawasaki (Apple’s former principal sales officer) recently posted on his Google + page implying the existence of such rumor. Users could, according to their preference, ale changes to the bumpers, color coating…etc on their cars but why not phones? Why can’t smartphones be more personalized?

We knew from our previous posts that the Motorola X is a series of super smartphones and the X phone might be the original of all. The X Phone would be sold online at the Google Play Store where customers could personalize the X Phone in terms of its colour, adware specification, user interface themes and even ringtones. If possible, users could even choose between processors.

One more confirmed rumors about the X Phone is the stamina of battery will be much improved. It would go from the planned 3300 mAh to 4200 mAh (with wireless charging). In addition, the x phone will also ship with the Android 5.0 system.

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