Nexus 5 / Google X Phone Will Have Amazing Nikon Camera

Nexus 5 / Google X Phone Will Have Amazing Nikon Camera

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We have heard nothing but amazing things about the Google X Phone / Nexus 5 so far. Everything from indestructibility with carbon fiber / flexible displays with gorilla glass to innovative new ways of interacting with the phone. Now we have a new rumored spec that, if true, will completely blow the competition out of the water.

New sources are saying that the camera included in the next Nexus device will be manufactured by Nikon. Nikon is a high quality and world renowned camera manufacturer. With their technology powering the camera of the new Nexus device, You can be sure that the camera quality will be amazing. Will it rival that of the current leader Nokia Lumia 920 and second place contender HTC One? Only time will tell but I’m going to guess yes.

Source – PocketNow

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