Fake Chinese Galaxy Note 2 looks 99% real. (Price: $320 USD only) Update: Hands-on review

Fake Chinese Galaxy Note 2 looks 99% real. (Price: $320 USD only) Update: Hands-on review



Samsung Galaxy Note II is famous because of its HUGE 5.5-inch Samsung AMOLED screen. However, the price of this luxury device (around $849 off-contract) has deterred people from buying one for their electronic entertainment. We know from the iPad 2 and iPad mini imitation models in our previous posts that Chinese factories can actually copy and produce products that resembles the original phone. Now Note II is not an exception. ThL is a Chinese phone maker that recently announced a Note II alternative in mainland China, the W7.

Available in two colours, black and white, the W7 has a bigger screen (5.7 inch 720p 268ppi) than the original Galaxy Note II. It runs on MT6589 Quad Core processor and 1GB RAM. The internal storage of the W7 is 8 GB and it has a 8 mega pixel rear camera (3.2 mega pixel front camera)

The battery capacity of the W7 is 2300 mAh (yes it is smaller than the Note II which is more than 3000 mAh). The M7 is powered with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. It is sold at RMB 1699 ($320 USD)

Basically it has the same design without the Samsung logo as the Galaxy Note II (GN2). There is a physical home button at the bottom combined with the menu and back button. The coating of the phone casing is more close to metallic, indeed the texture you find in the colour looks fine.

What we can draw from the specs and design is that it is genuinely a fake Note II. It has very powerful built -in hardware which has almost beaten the original Note II. The design of it has successfully copied the original and advanced from some parts that people don’t like.

Please also take a look at our latest post on a “real” fake Note 2 made in China hands-on review.


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Image Source: mydrivers

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