Samsung Galaxy S IV price information in UK, China and India

Samsung Galaxy S IV price information in UK, China and India



So we had a photo from various websites indicating the price of US version of Galaxy S IV. Its retail price is approximately $579 USD. And yes, it is cheaper than the iPhone 5 which is $699 without contract.

We have other information from UK’s carrier -EE – that the Galaxy S IV will become available as early as in 26.4.2013. Other countries will get Galaxy S IV shipment in early May. India is one of the first batch countries which will get the Galaxy S IV and the price of it without contract is 40000 to 45000 Rupee and it is a bit cheaper than the iPhone 5 (45500 Rupee). Vodafone and Airtel has confirmed selling the GS4. Some other sources also leaked that the 4G version of GS4 will come to India later in this year but the price is not yet confirmed.

To sum up from the information from various sources, the Galaxy S IV in China could be sold at around RMB 4999.

Source: mydrivers

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