Google Motorola X is a series of smartphones, shipping June 2013.

Google Motorola X is a series of smartphones, shipping June 2013.

We have reported many times about the launch of X Phone by Google X Motorola. Chinese source indicates that the Motorola X is actually a series of smartphone. This is just like how the Samsung “Galaxy” series are branded.

If so, this Motorola X will be highly affected by Google and it will be announced on the Google I/O event this may and it the first of this series will be shipping in June. What’s more interesting is that the X Phone (Motorola X) can be purchased from the Google Play Store. Motorola will offer a full firmware update once (Android 6.0?) and it will be supplied by Motorola itself. At the same event, people also suspect that Google will also release another Nexus series which has also been confirmed to be produced by LG.

There are other rumours surrounding the launch of X Phone. It is said that the X Phone can be customizable like how we did on when we purchase PCs or Macs. According to users preference, the X Phone could be customised in terms of the RAM, storage (16GB/32GB/64GB), colour. The customized X Phone will take a week before being shipped to customers. In addition, users can select bootloader or SIM card and even have their own theme created. This is something similar to what HTC “Get Started” offers.

As the Motorola X is sold on the Google Play, it might get some subsidies from Google in order to boost its market share. The price of X Phone is said to be simialr toNexus 4 ($299 USD).

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