Carnival mirror image leaks Nokia 928

Carnival mirror image leaks Nokia 928


So the story begins, a family consisting some senior workers of Nokia just went on vacation with one of the most wanted smartphone people were looking for. They went in front of the Carnival mirror and happily took a photo with their smartphone with their kid and uploaded the photo to social network. And yes, the phone is a smartphone we haven’t seen before. I suppose the phone will not be a phone by Sony because they are from Nokia. So this MUST be Nokia 928. However, we still can’t find a good look for it because the photo is a reflection in the carnival mirror and it gets distorted. What we can see from the enlarged photos below is just a blurry rear camera. But it suggests that the design is a bit different because the camera is placed on a different place compared with the 920. They also took the Nokia 928 to take a photo for themselves with the front camera. The camera seems to have processed the photo with strong sunlight pretty well.

From what we’ve known at the moment the Nokia 928 is going to be made out of Aluminium and it has a 8 mega pixel PureView main camera and it is very good at shooting outdoor.


Here comes a photo suspected to be taken by the Nokia 928’s front camera. It seems taken with very high quality.


could this be the black version of Nokia 928?


The white version of the Nokia 928. It looks flat without rounded design from this distorted photo

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