XOLO X1000 Phone Will Be The Worlds Fastest With A 2Ghz Intel Processor!

XOLO X1000 Phone Will Be The Worlds Fastest With A 2Ghz Intel Processor!

Xolo X1000


It’s kind of funny. The very laptop I am using to type this article is running a 2Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo x86 processor from 2008. Now there are phones running x86 atom processors at 2Ghz. It’s amazing how fast technology is progressing.

The brand Xolo, which is very popular in India, announced that they will be releasing one of the most powerful phones to date called the X1000. If the announced specs hold true and the phone is released soon, this could very well be the worlds fastest smartphone.

Announced specifications include a 4.7 inch 72oP screen with curved glass display, 1GB RAM, 8mpx back camera, 1.3 mpx front camera, 3G HSPA+ radios, 1900 mAh battery, and 8GB internal storage (with an SD card slot to upgrade another 32GB for a total of 4oGB). This comes alongside that blazing fast Intel Atom Z2480 processor with hyperthreading technology and 400mhz PowerVR SGX540 GPU. All these components will fit in to a case 9.1mm thick and a weight of 140g. The software will be the very outdated Android 4.0 with no word to say whether this will be updated in the future.

While the rest of the specs outside of the processor seem a tad middle range, preliminary tests have consistently shown intel processors to be more powerful than any ARM equivalent. Will this trend continue ? I’m excited to find out once the phone is released.

Source – Android Headlines

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