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X Phone is going to beat Samsung Galaxy S IV and HTC One: Tegra 4 works much better than Qualcomm Snapdragon 600



No doubt the X Phone which might be revealed on the Google I/O this year is going to a stunning event in the field. We knew from our earlier reports that the X Phone will be running on Tegra 4 processor. Laptop Mag tried an AnTuTu Benchmark on the three devices – Tegra 4 processor, Galaxy S IV and HTC One.

Before we move on, the Galaxy S IV here being tested is the US version with a 1.9 Ghz Snapdragon 600 Quad Core Processor, similar to that of HTC One.

The benchmark test is shown on the above figure. GS4 scored 21089 marks while the Tegra 4 has more than 30000 marks. And interestingly the GS4 has a bit lower scores than the HTC One.

Let me make this clear, Tegra 4 is not a complete smartphone. It is merely a processor without any other software and hardware running together with it. Therefore, it is not surprising to see the overall performance much higher than the existing devices with other specifications. The GS 4 has a lot of new functions that we haven’t heard of. We just figured it was because the GS4 has more background applications running at any given time than the one, leaving less resources available for other tasks. The functions are perhaps the smart stay, smart scroll, all the new touchwiz features are running in the background. Thats why it might be a bit slower than the HTC One which comparatively has less new unknown background running features than the GS4. The point is, you can still disable those background features at the GS4 so in reality it might not be that slow.

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