Samsung Galaxy Retail Price in US officially leaked: The 16GB Quad Core version is $579 USD (update: image)

Samsung Galaxy Retail Price in US officially leaked: The 16GB Quad Core version is $579 USD (update: image)



Your “life companion” – Samsung Galaxy S IV might come with a lower price compared to the previous Galaxy S III. Couple of days ago Samsung Mobile US released a register form for people with interest to enter an event and there will be 48 Galaxy S IVs to be given out to winners. However, the email notification for those who entered the lucky draw mentioned something really surprising under the terms and condition that the GS4 is going to be priced at $579 USD. ( it says on the email the “approximate retail price”.)


The price is seen to be 25% lower than the iPhone 5. It seems to me the price revolution for smartphone has begun if the US version is a non-contract price. The sim-unlock iPhone without contract price in some regions like Hong Kong is around $699. The price difference ($699-$579 = $120) seems to be big. Just like the historical development of PCs, now it seems the smartphone has also entered into a steady development stage where higher end hardware comes with lower price. We almost thought that the price of GS4 is going to be in line with the price tags the GS3 had, but it turns out to be different. That’s questionable whether Samsung is planning something bigger than just an Android Smartphone. From our posts before, we knew that Samsung is working on their own OS – Tizen. The Tizen powered smartphone will arrive August or September 2013 and it will be of the best Samsung could make. Samsung said the Tizen phone will have unprecedented best software and hardware. Therefore, the price might also hint a game changer within Samsung is rising later this year.


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