Apple Patent Discovered For Inductive Charging iPad Smart Cover

Apple Patent Discovered For Inductive Charging iPad Smart Cover

Apple iPad Inductive Charging Smart Cover



Apple has often been criticized for not really innovating but rather just taking existing ideas and putting them in shinny paint. This idea might be on to something now.

The idea behind this patent is that the smart cover will be a spare battery pack which will inductively charge an iOS device on the go. The concept is actually very innovative. Inside the cover is batteries and inductive charging materials. when the iPad or other iOS device is plugged in and not in use, the smart cover will be charging alongside the iPad. On the go, when the cover is closed, the device will be charged by the cover.

It makes use of all the same magnet technology that exists in current iPads and Smart Covers but adds the charging capability.

This product would drastically increase working battery life of iOS products. It would be like carrying a lightweight spare battery along with you that charges when not in use. For people who are always on the go, this is a great product and would probably be worth the price.

Source – Apple Insider

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