App Store copyright infringement: Mobile Suit Gundam War Game on iOS

App Store copyright infringement: Mobile Suit Gundam War Game on iOS





Apparently the vetting robots on Apple App Store couldn’t screen copyright contents within the apps submitted to the App Store. There were lots of copyright infringement issues reltated to existing best selling applications such as Temple Run being stolen on another similar games. This time, Mobile Suit Gundam, a trademark owned by Bandai (Namco Bandai Games – NBGI) and Sunrise in Japan, just appeared on a third party war strategy game developed by a Chinese developer. (No offense here, the game language is in Chinese). The game is a pretty complete one. It is free ad available both on iPhone and iPad on iOS. The game became the top free apps in a few hours after its release. However, the graphics and sound effects are not that great. Most importantly, it is a app which has stolen the idea from Bandai. Although it is unethical to make games based on others creation, this incident also tells us that the copyright owner should also prevent this by making things available worldwide. People download it because they were misled or there were no official games in their App Store. For example, in the case of Gundam, there are several good games released in Japan but these games have never made their way through other app stores in other countries. Perhaps the good things are always left for the locals to enjoy (a pride?). A lesson learnt from this copy cat is that it is not only the responsibility on part of the copy cat, but it is also about the copyright owners action and attitude towards their creation. If they can be more open-minded, things could have changed or even make them big money because they have fans around the globe.20130317-113523.jpg

Yes, this is globalization.

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