Chinese source indicates low-end iPhone will have a 4-inch screen

Chinese source indicates low-end iPhone will have a 4-inch screen

Mr Kuo MC from KGI Securities in China said on Friday that the lower end iPhone will have the same 4 inch display as the iPhone 5 (Retina or not?). This has dismissed the earlier rumours of a 4.5 inch plastic iPhone with a much lower price.

Mr Kuo was quite accurate in terms of his rumours. He successfully predicted the launch date of iPhone 4S, and its difference from the iPhone 4, the release date of the White iPhone 4 and iPad 2.


The lower-end iPhone’s 4 inch display is not moved by the market trend towards bigger screen. Kuo said its design can be traced back to 2011. In addition, Kuo said the “cheaper” iPhone is going to have super thin plastic case and it is also made out of glass fibre. Such use of material allows the iPhone to be thinner and lighter. The rumoured iPhone will be around 0.4mm and 0.6mm thick with multiple choices of four to six colours.

His claims were based on his findings of Apple signing agreement with Foxconn, Jabil Group’s Green Point to work on the new iPhone casings. Of course, Foxconn is responsible for assembling and the later company supplies that ultra-thin plastic.

Kuo also confirmed that the iPhone 5S will be released this year together with finger print sensor to avoid the nuisance caused by entering password on the lockscreen manually.

Source: mydrivers

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