Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone to come in August or September 2013?

Samsung’s first Tizen smartphone to come in August or September 2013?

So Galaxy S IV just came in today and we were all excited about the every “smart” functions that Samsung adds for the galaxy series. We still don’t know yet whether those great functions such as eraser, smart pause, smart scrolling, Samsung HomeSync would come to the existing devices yet. However, Samsung already admits that they are working on another operating system to hopefully replace android. Shin Jong-Kyun, head of Samsung Mobile, said that the first Tizen smart phone will be a high end one with amazing hardware specification, customers should get it! The Tizen OS is scheduled to appear this year in August or September. At that time, the google X Phone might also have be shipped and September is close to what we believe as the release date of the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 from Apple. How will such new comer compete with these major parties? And how will Tizen fight off the dominance of Android in the market?

Shin confirmed on the press that they maintain very friendly relationship with google. Yet he also added that their own Windows Phone platform smartphones and tablets are not very popular at the moment.

It seems that as an OS, Tizen is also possible to be planted on TW existing devices. Would the Samsung Galaxy S IV get a Tizen version upgrade in the coming months?

There are too many uncertainties about Tizen. But these questions are yet to be answered.


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