HD Display comparison: Samsung Galaxy S IV vs Galaxy S III vs Xperia Z vs iPhone 5

HD Display comparison: Samsung Galaxy S IV vs Galaxy S III vs Xperia Z vs iPhone 5

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So today Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S IV, the 5 inch flagship smartphone for the year of 2013. Aside the very great hardware inside the phone case. The Full HD display of the Samsung Galaxy S IV (GS4) has also improved a lot. The GS4’s display is the first phone with Green PHOLED HD Supper AMOLED screen. Its pixel density tops 441 ppi. Has it improved from the older Samsung Galaxy S III (GS3) or is it backtracking? Unwire.hk has put all the current popular smartphones together and make a very strong comparison between all these devices, which are GS4, GS3, Sony Xperia Z and lastly iPhone 5.

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Pixel Density:

The GS4 just can’t lose. The fist photo below is the GS4 and the one below it is the GS3. You can clearly see the difference between the two screens. The Chinese characters look more solid and without the feeling of pixel around it. When you zoom in, some characters become blurry on the GS3 but it looks crystal clear on the GS4.SGS4letterdensitySGS3letter


That proves the 1080p screen really works on the GS4 and it is quite an improvement if you are watching it seriously.

Picture quality:

unwire.hk tested the four devices with the same photo to see how it goes. A photo taken with Fujifilm XE-1 Velvia was used as a test subject on the four phones to see the picture performances. The source photo itself is of very good quality and it is a high resolution one.


4 devices tgt for picI think the picture quality is quite a subjective matter, some may prefer denser colors but some do not. The GS4 and Xperia Z has great details with regards to the picture especially when we look at the trees and the clouds in the sky. They perform slightly better than the GS3. However, it seems the visibility of the details is lacking behind on the 4 incher iPhone 5 with smaller screen.

In terms of color, the photo source is colorful enough to test these smartphones out. It seems that the screens of GS3 and Xperia Z has augmented too much with regards to the colors while the GS4 doesn’t seem to have such a problem. iPhone 5 looks good but it seems a bit off when we talk about the color quality.

Source: unwire.hk

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