Google Xphone specifications, color, user interface will be customizable

The launch of Samsung Galaxy S IV makes us even eager to dig out more about the upcoming Google I/O’s main dish – Google and Motorla X Phone. Before that we had two versions of rumor – one source said that the. X Phone will run on Qualcomm processor and the other said it will run on Tegra 4i processor.

Have you ever felt tired looking at all those phones that are all in black, white and silver? Or do you want your phones theme look different from others? Do you want to have faster processor than the original specifications? Here you go!

Some source said online that in fact, both processor could be possible. That is because google might give customers a flexibility in terms of customization of the X Phone. Rather than setting out the fixed hardware specification of the X Phone, google will let you choose your own color (here I mean the color of the xphone), user interface (wallpaper, themes… Etc) and even hardware specification such as the storage (16/32/64 GB), the internal storage (2GB/4GB) and most importantly the processor. Different customization and modification settings will affect the final price of the X Phone. It is like how you buy a PC or Mac from Dell or Apple where before you check out you will need to tick those boxes and choose the hardware inside the device. With more competitive hardware suppliers booming in the market, it is of course possible that the phone makers let customers choose the hardware just like how they shop PCs. Therefore, Google might bring such innovation in shopping smartphone to us in this year.

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