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Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2013: China Unicom pricing leak hinting a very expensive Galaxy S IV



According to mydrivers in China, some sources in mainland has gathered pricing and photos of the real Samsung Galaxy S IV (GS4).

The Chinese version of the GS4 could have a dual sim capability and a different 8 core processor called the Exynos 5410 which is as fast as 1.8 ghz. There is also a built in PowerVR SGX 544MP3 Graphic processing unit. (533mhz). 2GB RAM and internal storage at 16GB. The battery for the S4 is 2,600 mAh enough for one day normal use.

With reference to a leaked internal information from China Unicom, the price for GS4 is RMB 5899 ($949 USD). We are not sure yet whether this price is a carrier bundle price or a standalone price. Sadly it seems even more expensive than an iPhone 5.


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