New Info, Specs And High Res Pictures Of Samsung Galaxy S IV Leak Before Unpacked 2013

New Info, Specs And High Res Pictures Of Samsung Galaxy S IV Leak Before Unpacked 2013



The Samsung Unpacked 2013 event happens TOMORROW. Finally all of our questions and rumors and speculation will be answered with a definitive product. Even with that event looming on the horizon alongside the sun, we still have one last batch of pre-release goodies for you. Aren’t we nice? It’s because we care about you readers. You are our family.

Flattery aside, the new leaks are the best we’ve seen so far. Full images of the device from multiple angles show every aspect of this phone from the software to the hardware. The new leak also gives some info on the phone internals. Apparently this thing is going to be a BEAST. 8 core 1.8ghz processor, 2gb ram and 16gb of onboard storage to boot.

The outside is a step in the Right direction for Samsung. Instead of just having the entire phone made out of plastic like usual, the back is plastic and the front glass with a stainless steel band surrounding the phone. Steel. That’s right! Metal! I really wish they would have used it for the rest of the body as well, but it’s progress nonetheless.

galaxy s iv 4 side steel

The leak pointed out issues with the plastic back. As usual with plastic parts, they are prone to breakage. This image is a prototype, but there is a distinct crack along the back of the phone. Hopefully Samsung solved this issue with the release version of the phone. The SIII and Galaxy Nexus backs never had problems with cracks.

galaxy s IV 4 back crack


In addition to physical rumors confirmed, the source also confirmed some rumors about the software included on the phone. The smart scroll and smart stay features will definitely be included with the phone. These features will allow the phone to be used with the EYES, rather than fingers. This feature is essential since the phone is MASSIVE. The 5 inch screen will make it difficult to use the phone with only one hand without this amazingly innovative feature. I’m looking forward to seeing it in action.

galaxy s iv 4 smart stay scroll software


So those are some of the most interesting portions of this leak.

To see more images and read up more, check out the source HERE. Although then again, you could always wait for the MyPhoneDaily rundown tomorrow after the event. Wink Wink.

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