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Lion King Icomania

Icomania: The Iconmania Guessing Game with Pop Icons for Android, iOS, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad


Lion King Icomania

Icomania is an app game with the goal of guessing what a picture represents based on today’s popular icons. Are you feeling bored and want to feel a wave of nostalgia? Icomania is an iconmania filled with references to icons of our childhood or youth. A few examples of these nostalgic icons are Finding Nemo, Batman, and the Lion King. There are plenty of current icons like Facebook as well. These popular icons come from tv, movies, social networks, and culture.

Batman Icomania

The pictures of pop icons will be displayed along with scrambled letters and possibly a category. It is up to you to guess the answers of what the images represent. Some solutions can be quite tricky and a brain twister even though they are obvious after you find the answer. There are a certain number of hints you can use that will reveal some letters of the word. There is also a hint button that will remove some letters that aren’t necessary for the answer.

Facebook Icomania

Icomania is a great game to get rid of your boredom and put your brain in use in a fun way. The strategy to use is to narrow down what you think an image represents. See if the letters match with any of your thoughts. If not then think of alternative names. Don’t forget to see if there is a category presented as this is crucial to the answer. The game is compatible with Android, iOS, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Download this app now and enjoy.

Finding Nemo Icomania

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