Google Now Coming To iOS And Chrome For Windows, Mac OSX, And Linux Soon

Google Now Coming To iOS And Chrome For Windows, Mac OSX, And Linux Soon

Google Now

Google Now was without a doubt the biggest addition to Android since the revamped UI in Honeycomb. The service allows your Android device to alert you about things you should know based on your habits. It’s Siri on steroids, and it’s just about to get better.

Google Now For iPod, iPad, and iPhone


A new video announced that Google Now is being actively developed for iOS devices and would be available this week. The new Google Search app in the App store would bring the behavioral prediction technology to the iPhone and step on ground where only Siri had been before. The app on iOS is more than comparable with it’s Android counterpart, bringing the predictive notifications, voice search, and even Retina support. Testing has shown this version to work as good, if not better than, the Android version. It’s obvious Apple will not be happy about this but Google has finally brought a worthy Siri competitor to the table on iOS and competition ALWAYS benefits the consumer.

Google Now Flag On Chrome For Windows, Mac and Linux


In addition to breaking ground on iOS, Google has revealed that they are bringing the service to every computer in the world running chrome. In the latest developer builds of Chromium (Chrome’s open source counterpart), users have discovered a flag that allows them to enable “Google Now” for Chrome. Right now the service is still very broken and obviously just a placeholder. The URL to Google’s NOW servers is still not known to the public but when they are, users will be able to use this feature to get their now notifications on the desktop.

It should also be noted that the primary flag shows that this option is only for Windows and ChromeOS at the moment. I anticipate this will change soon to accommodate Mac and Linux users. Most features start on one specific OS and are later enabled for multiple OS choices as the development closes on the project.

So there you have it. It goes without saying that Google probably has another team enhancing features of Now and making it even better so I think this is just the beginning of something very, very cool. Stay tuned!

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