Acer Updates Chromebook Model With More Ram, Better Battery Life. Is It Worth The Price Now?

Acer Updates Chromebook Model With More Ram, Better Battery Life. Is It Worth The Price Now?

Acer Chromebook


When Acer announced their chromebook offering for Google’s play store, it was immediately met with extreme criticism from enthusiasts. Today they have tried to mitigate some of the complaints by releasing an updated version of the ultraportable.

The new Chromebook updates the existing model in a few key areas. The original was regarded as a bad buy due to its sub part 3 hour battery life and it’s generally slow performance, despite only being $200USD

The new version upgrades the RAM from 2GB to 4GB and doubles the battery capacity to 4GB. All of these upgraded components tacked on an additional $80USD to make the new unit now retail for $280USD.

This may not have been the BEST move for Acer. It is still competing against the Samsung Chromebook, which in addition to being the number one laptop on Amazon for several weeks also packs a 6.5 hour battery life in to a much smaller form factor. The Acer offering is x86 based, meaning it might have better performance in some cases. It also has a traditional hard drive which contrasts the Samsung model’s SSD.

Should you buy this Acer Chromebook? Probably not. The Samsung model has it matched, if not beaten, in every single category (including price now). The only question is whether that 1.1ghz Intel Atom processor can beat out the Exynos processor in day to day use. I figure to save 30 bucks the POSSIBLY slower processing unit would be worth it.

Sorry Acer, better luck next time. As they always say, third time’s a charm.

Source – Android Headlines

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