Some portable battery chargers (juicepacks) don’t work with Sony Xperia Z

Some portable battery chargers (juicepacks) don’t work with Sony Xperia Z


If you own an Xperia Z and also a juicepack used on your older devices, you might ask a hot frequently asked question “why my juicepack doesn’t work with the Xperia Z?”

Xperia Z demands a higher electrical current as stipulated on the adapter (1500mA). It needs at least 1.5A for your battery charger. Therefore, if you are using chargers or juicepacks that charges below 1.5A, we are sorry to inform you that they won’t work on your new Xperia Z.

In addition, some juicepack producers like MagicPro claim that when the batter level reaches over 80% – 90%, the system would decrease the current to 1.2-1.3A to optimize battery life with lower current. Therefore some brands of juicepacks might appear to be intermittently working or they simply stop charging when its at a certain battery level.

Sony mobile officially admits the problem with juicepacks. Sony said that the Xperia Z supports 1A and 1.5A charging. The adapter in the box is quick charger therefore it has higher current. However, they do not guarantee all juicepack models work with their Xperia Z.

Source: ringhk

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