Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2013: Leaked Hands-On Video of Samsung Galaxy SIV (GS4)

Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2013: Leaked Hands-On Video of Samsung Galaxy SIV (GS4)

Could this be the next Samsung Galaxy device to be revealed on the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2013 event? My bet is – we are getting to it! The Chinese video of a hands-on of the Samsung Galaxy S IV clearly shows a Samsung SmartPhone that we haven’t seen before but mostly identical to the current design of the Galaxy S III (GS3). The rumored Galaxy S IV in the video is however, thicker than we thought. Under the model name GT-I9502, it running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with the most updated version of the Samsung Touchwiz User Interface. It seems to me that the phone has the same design as the older version but with a narrower edge next to the screen, which means with the same size as the GS3, the GS4 is going tohave a slightly bigger screen. Like what we expressed before as one of our disappointments, the GS4 is made out of plastic. As you can see from the video, the phone looks a bit bulky and we truly hope that is because of the larger battery inside and maybe, the Chinese version as a Duo-Sim functions that directly affects the appearance of the GS4.

Galaxy S IV 4 Leak

What’s amazing about this leak is that we learn that the battery capacity could be 2,600 mAh which might be good for a day of normal use.

Stay tuned, there are only 2 more days to go!

Source: 52Samsung

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