HTC One beats iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III in terms of battery performance

HTC One beats iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III in terms of battery performance


HTC’s flagship phone in 2013 – HTC One not only drops the dull designs but it also improved a lot in terms of the hardware. Especially for the battery life with this non-replaceable battery, it is tested to be the best among 3 other popular devices such as iPhone 5, Nexus 4 and Galaxy S3.

ExpertReviews posted results of 3G talk time duration to test the battery life of the top 4 smartphones with similar specifications. The study found that HTC One (2300 mAh) has the longest battery life of all. The HTC can stand over 16.8 hours of 3G talk time while iPhone 5 (1440 mAh) only has 8 hours of 3G talk time. Indeed, iPhone 5 doesn’t work more than 8 hours in reality because I am a user of it. With a 2100 mAh battery, the Nexus is good for 15.3 hours of 3G talk time and Galaxy SIII with around 11.6 hours.

It is also suggested that the HTC One promises a 8.5 hours continuous video playback while most of its competitors only play no more than average 6 hours.

However, HTC One is a device released at least 6 months more than the other smartphones in comparison. For example, the HTC One came out half year later than the release of Apple iPhone 5 and almost a year after Samsung Galaxy S3. It is just that technology advances in a fast way that the processors and battery are both improved within a shot period of time. What’s disappointing is the battery performance as well as the overall hard ware specification of iPhone 5, which is obviously falling behind the trend. Be careful, Apple, you are going to lose this war.

Source: mydrivers

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