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DragonVale: The Dragon Breeding Collection Theme Park Game for iPhone, iTouch, iPad, and Android



DragonVale is a fun app game with the goal of collecting and breeding dragons. You begin the game with an island and some gold to buy a plant and earth dragon along with the habits needed to house the dragons. Over time you can collect more gold that is generated by your dragons in their habitats. This gold can be used to buy new breeds of dragons, buildings, and decorations for your park. Additionally, you can breed hybrid dragons that cannot be bought with gold but you can use gems to buy these dragons. Gems can be bought with real cash or earned through free methods. The dragon designs range from cute to cool and with a huge variety of dragons.


Free methods to earn gems include playing the mini-game dragon racing for the chance to win gems, competing in the coliseum, and harvesting earnings from special gem dragons. Gems can be used to buy dragons, speed up production, and buy exclusive gem only buildings.



The great part of the game is the developers consistently update the game with new features, new dragons, limited time only dragons, and new decorations. There is a fun mini-game called dragon racing where you can select a dragon you own to race against other dragons in different types of racetracks. The best thing about this game is everything can be done for free because you can get free gems but things can be done faster if you support the developers by buying gems.

There are limited dragons made for special events like eclipses, supposed apocalypses, Christmas, and at the moment St. Patrick’s day. There are gemstone dragons representing each month and the current gemstone dragon is the Aquamarine dragon that can only be bred using an Iceberg and River dragon. There is also a great DragonVale community that includes guides and can be found here. Overall, this is a great game to play if you like collecting dragons and decorating theme parks. This is a fun game that people of all ages can enjoy. So get it now for free on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android. Invite your friends to play and compete with them for the best looking dragon park.

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