iOS Game “Kindly Ever After” Teaches Kindness Through Fun!

iOS Game “Kindly Ever After” Teaches Kindness Through Fun!


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Children should always be taught kindness at a young age, and a Singaporean company is hoping to bring this important lesson in to the future.

The Singaporean Kindness Movement graciously invited us at MyPhoneDaily to the unveiling of their new game, Kindly Ever After. While we were unable to attend the actual event, we have been in contact with their representative who told us more about the app.

The game was created to promote civilized behavior towards others while using public transit. The underlying theme here is that if we all band together and treat everyone with respect, the world will be a much nicer place. I feel like this is a great lesson that should be learned by children and adults alike. It was produced by a number of very talented students from Singapore Polytechnic Design School who worked together with the movement to create the app (Tng Bing Rong, Shawn Cheah Chenxuan, Chng Yang Da and Jack Kew Zijian with Dr William Wan, General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement). Kindly Ever After has gone on to win a number of awards, including coming in first of 500 in the Viope game programming contest last year. Congratulations to them for such a great honor.

Kindly Ever After Team Kindly Ever After Event Kindly Ever After Event

The game itself is actually…FUN! It seems aimed at a younger audience but is still very well done and very entertaining to play. It is a strategy type game where the goal is not only to eradicate the enemies, but also do good deeds and help people in their daily lives. The morals are poured on thick here, but the developers ensured that it didn’t take away from the actual game play.

Kindly Ever After Kindly Ever After Kindly Ever After Kindly Ever After Kindly Ever AfterKindly Ever After

Since the app is free on the iOS app store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices, I would definitely recommend picking it up. Not only will it kill some time on the train, but it might actually teach you a thing or two about making life easier for those around you. More kindness in this world is a great thing, and I am extremely appreciative that some teams like this one are trying to remind people of this fact.

Thanks to Jacey Tian for the invitation and additional information!

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