Galaxy S IV Real Images Leaked As Launch Date Approaches

Galaxy S IV Real Images Leaked As Launch Date Approaches

Galaxy S IV 4 Leak


Now that’s more like it!

There have been numerous “leaks” in the past weeks saying there is an official leaked image of the new Galaxy S IV phone. Finally some photos surfaced on a Chinese forum that might actually be the real thing.

The images show a 5 inch looking phone with the iconic rounded rectangle home button. The screen is edge to edge with a very small bezel and the overall design is that of a very rounded rectangle (Similar to the SIII)

This leak, if real, confirms many rumors that were circulating around. It proves that the device will be made of Samsung’s iconic plastic and will have a large 5 inch screen at 1080P resolution, nearing phablet territory. Contrary to the rumors, the phone will not have on screen buttons and instead will stick with Samsung’s classic 3 button layout.

The pictured phone is apparently the Chinese only version which will come equipped with dual sim functionality.

The phone is slated to be announced this week on the 14th, so all is nearly revealed. This leak with these images should hold us over for another 4 days.

Galaxy S IV 4 Leak


Source – The Verge

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