Google X Phone Concept Image, Battery Performance, Screen Size rumors.

Google X Phone Concept Image, Battery Performance, Screen Size rumors.



Could this be the rumoured Google X Motorola device coming in the Google I/O in May 2013? The media and Google itself have almost confirmed the appearance of the next generation Android 5.0 powered Smartphone by Google to appear on 15/5 to 17/5 this year.

Sources who have seen the X Phone prototype said that the X Phone will inherit the Motrola Style of design such as Razr MAXX. It looks flat in shape and the back will be textured in a Motorola way. The edge will be made by metal.

One of the wishes of the development team of the X Phone is that it has “much better” battery performance than the current models made by Samsung and Apple. They are looking forward to making phones that can sustain more than 3 days with normal use.

Some other leaked information pointed at a 4200 mAh wireless rechargable battery in the X Phone. With the wireless charging ability, this phone is almost perfect.

Aside the battery and design, something worth noting is that the X Phone could have a 4.8 1080p Full HD Screen, 2 GB RAM and Quad Core Processor. It also has a 10 mega pixel rear camera. The high end model of Google is said to be able to shake the mobile industry, what do you think?

Source: Mydrivers

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