MessageMe: a new challenger in messaging applications – review

MessageMe: a new challenger in messaging applications – review



Don’t you think there are enough messaging applications already? We have WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Wechat (in Greater China), ChatON( the Samsung home-made application)…etc you name it. Also we must also not forget

there are applications that can integrate platforms such as MSN messenger, Skype, ICQ… etc. There are just too many social networking tools and yet, we have a new challenger in the field – MessageMe. MessageMe is one of the latest application that has similar functions as the Wechat, where you can actually send a whole lot of stuff to your recipients such as short audio recordings, stickers. And the prevalence of WhatsApp and LINE has its reason because of the contacts that people have connected using their phone contacts. So now MessageMe has integrated all the advantages of the above apps and released their own. We are going to review on it.

Basically, after you install the MessageMe, you will have to run the whole registration process again. It is just like any other messaging apps that require you to register your phone number and then they will send you a text message with a confirmation code. Enter the code and you will get access to the app after agreeing the app to send you notification and browse your contacts. Alternatively, you can also use your Facebook Account to enter your personal details on the app. I chose not to link this with my Facebook since its quite a new app so I need more time to build confidence with it.



Okay, Here is the interface. Just like other chatting apps, you get an iMessage-like layout.





There are some cool new functions that couldn’t be found in other messaging applications including sending music and doodle. This application works with iTunes Store and let you send some samples of music to the recipients for example in the demo there was a music of gangnam style. The recipients can playback the music anytime. Have you played draw something before? Now a whiteboard is added to your MessageMe, you can draw pictures and send the pictures to your friends and relatives. It is kind of a cool way of messaging.

There aren’t much users playing on MessageMe yet. We will get you more reviews as soon as possible. The application is free on iOS App Store and Google Play Store. This app is optimized for iPhone 5 and available also in iPods and iPads.

Stay tuned! And let us know what you think about MessageMe.

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