iPhone 5S to get wireless battery charging?

iPhone 5S to get wireless battery charging?

Nokia Lumia 920 was widely supported for its wireless charging capability. Yet, Apple said earlier that their company is not particularly interested in having wireless charging functions on their iPod, iPhone and iPad.

However, a Taiwanese source said that the next iPhone, which is believed to be iPhone 5S will have wireless charging functions developed by Apple itself. (That means they are doing it and not having it named as “wireless charging ” only.

Some other information source leaked that the Samsung Galaxy S IV will have wireless charging as a feature (Qi Standard). The solution looks like what Palm Pre did before, attaching a phone case with battery on the phone to perform cordless charging. (Like Touch Stone).

At the same time, 9to5mac said if Apple is going to bring wireless charging to iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, that means they must renovate the case of iPhone, which they believe this won’t come shortly. We have no idea yet if the Taiwanese source was correct.

However, Apple actually did get a patent for a similar wireless charging scheme for its iDevices in the future in November 2010. And this patent application was recently approved (US20120303980). So its basically a Near Field Magnetic Radio power that can power up the batteries.

Are you interested in having a wireless charging device? To me, I think it makes no big difference whether using the Lightning Cable, Docking or not. It just have to charge. And at the moment, the technology only allows you to put the phone on a specific plate for charging, not exactly like when you enter your room you get your phone charged. The only step skipped with having wireless charging is plugging the cable into your phone or tablet. Thats why I think it doesn’t matter at the moment, unless the power generator is good enough to provide the whole building or house with wireless charging.



Source: mydrivers, appleinsider, 9to5mac

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  • james braselton

    hi there yeah wire less recharging is best selling feature want too not plug in too outlets becuase my outlets are behind stuff were it is very hard too reach the outlets i can not wait for 100% eltronics with wire less recharging system oh yes 2013 leafs have wire less recharging station options too soo eletric cars getting wire less recharging stations too

  • http://twitter.com/RobotSpirits Robot Spirits

    Looks like GS 4 has the Qi standard wireless charging too