Nokia Lumia 620 to be waterproof soon

There were rumors that Nokia will feature nano coating waterproof casing, we don’t know if the rumors were true yet. But one of the senior staff in Nokia said to the sources that the entry Windows Phone 8 LUMIA 620 will be waterproof soon!

Please note that what we are talking about here is that Nokia is releasing a “case” for LUMIA 620 which is waterproof. Nokia Sales representative Sander Teunissen said on his twitter that Nokia would release an IP54 waterproof case for the LUMIA 620. The case will be anti-dust and also waterproof too. in Russia said the LUMIA 620 case will not be out right away but customers won’t need to wait for too long.

Seems all phone makers are now following the gimmick of Sony’s Xperia series to make their phone dust-proof ad waterproof. Nokia’s waterproof case is one of the lead that shows these manufacturers are actually releasing their own functional accessories alongside their smartphones. Will Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series follow this trend?

Let us know your opinions:)

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