CocoPPa: The Cute Phone Editor

CocoPPa: The Cute Phone Editor


CocoPPa is an app originating from Japan which is used for customizing the theme of your phone. You can use this app to download wallpapers, icons, and stamps. There is a network of people who submit their own wallpapers, icons, and stamps. So the only job you have is to pick out your favorite images to make a cute theme. Make your own images and submit it for other users to use.


This is a great app to use if you feel your home screen looks bland and needs a makeover. The selection is really girly so this might not be a great app for guys to use. However, you can always make your own wallpapers, icons, and stamps to submit so other users will have more masculine options to choose from. This is also awesome app to use if you plan on pranking your guy friends and giving their phones a super girly makeover. Overall, a really fun app that gives you something to do with your phone if you’re trying to kill time and want a new look.



This app can be used on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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    that is so cool cocoppa

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