Battle Monkeys – A Fun Multiplayer Game Available on Android and iOS

Battle Monkeys – A Fun Multiplayer Game Available on Android and iOS

Battle Monkeys Menu

Battle Monkeys is a fun game where you play as a monkey battling other monkeys in an arena. Additionally, there is the option to play against real people in the multi-player menu. Gameplay is turn based and involves choosing blocks to stand on. If the block has a symbol on it then you will get to use an ability that the symbol represents. Each turn, symbols will be added to the arena and monkeys will have to jump to new blocks to gain more abilities.

Battle Monkeys Defense

The image above depicts the shield ability. The shield will give you an amount of turns to protect yourself from enemy attacks. The symbol is a shield but it is not shown on the block the monkey is on because it has already been used by the monkey.

Battle Monkeys Offense


The image above depicts the full arena with the statuses of all the monkeys. The attack ability, meteorite is being used. A meteorite will attack one enemy monkey. The battle lasts until you kill off the enemy monkeys or until you die. This is a game of strategy and quick thinking because you have to plan out what symbols you want to gain in a short amount of time.

Overall, this is a fun game that is somewhat unique. Throughout the game you can earn money to buy more monkeys or buy costume items to customize your monkey with over 1000 different outfits. Play against the computer or you can battle real life opponents. Invite your friends as well to play against. This game is playable on your iPhone, iPod Touch, Ipad, Android, and Mac. Currently this game is free in the Apple app store so get it now and have fun playing.

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