MUJI releases portable battery charger

MUJI releases portable battery charger


If you like MUJI the Japanese lifestyle retail brand for their simplicity of design, you must also like their mobile accessories product such as the portable battery charger. The designs of MUJI are mostly simple with very clear color such as black or white. The pure white (I think it is milky white from the photo) MUJI portable chargers are available in stores with two possible capacity options – 5000 mah (good for charging an iPhone 5 for two times) and 2500 mah (good for a single shot for an iPhone 5). The 149g 5000 mAh version has duo USB output and the 85g 2500 mAh version has one USB output.

LED lights of the charger indicates remaining battery level and charge status. The 5000 mAh is around $40 USD and $30 USD with the 2500 mAh one.

Any comments? How do you like the MUJI’s design? I personally think mophie has better design and technical specs for their battery charger. As this is an external charger, the shape becomes an important consideration and it seems to me the mophie juicepack external power station has a smarter and slimmer design, while the MUJI one looks a bit too bulky. When you put it aside an iPhone 5 you will see the difference. The MUJI one really doesn’t match the style and slimness of an iPhone 5.


Source: MUJI

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