Xbox 720 with Kinect 2.0? Here’s what Microsoft Research shows the world lately

Xbox 720 with Kinect 2.0? Here’s what Microsoft Research shows the world lately

Microsoft Research recently uploaded a video with regards to their latest Kinect development. In the video above you will find Cem Keskin, researcher of the Microsoft Research demonstrating a Kinect system with the capability of recognising movement of hands. In the beginning of the video, Cem told us about the concept of the current Kinect model. The current Kinect can only detect simple things such as movement of skeletons without the ability to determine the movement of your hands, which could be a nice tool to manoeuvre applications on windows. Now, the Kinect (2.0?) is able to detect your motions on your hands. Cem from the video told us that the Kinect will determine the motion of your palm, say you open it or close it. If you close it you can form a grip and move the windows around. Clapping your hands twice in front of the computer will quit and exit to the home screen. The motion sensor in Kinect can also help you draw things and zoom in and out or even rotate the maps.

After the PS4 announcement last month, people start rumouring what could come up in the next Xbox and Kinect will surely be one of the advantage that Microsoft would use against Sony. We are not sure yet if this will be called the Kinect 2.0. It could also be a major firmware update and the existing Kinect devices will run similar as the video did for you. Well, too much rumours here, let’s wait until E3 and you will know what Microsoft is going to surprise us.Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.05.49 PM

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