Valve will hand out Steam Box devices to Players, Developers, Testers Soon

Valve will hand out Steam Box devices to Players, Developers, Testers Soon

Steam Box Prototype


The gaming wars are gearing up to begin. Soon all of the consoles will be revealed and the real battle will begin. The PS4 is official, the Ouya ships soon, and now Valve has announced that they’re a mere 3 or 4 months away from distributing Steam Box devices to players, devs and testers alike.

The Verge reported today that Valve is working out a few of the last remaining heating and noise issues of the device. They are reportedly also still debating back and forth on the inclusion of advanced biometric sensors in gameplay. The sensors would be a new way of interacting with games, such as the Wii U pad or the PS4 touchpad. It would definitely set Valve’s offering apart from the competition if included. With Valve, steam is a large service but is not really large enough to take on the other giants alone. It needs some killer feature to set it apart from the competition. Aside from the rumored cross platform online functionality, this could be something to entice buyers in to going with Valve over Sony or Microsoft.

More to come as this story develops further.

Valve Steam Box Prototype

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