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The smallest cell phone in the world developed by Willcom – Phone Strap 2 WX06A




Not everyone likes smartphones with incredibly large screens like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a Japanese cellular provider – Willcom jusr released a feature phone called Phone Strap 2 WX06A and it is yet the world’s lightest and smallest cellphone. This mobile phone has a 1-inch screen and without a camera. Its built in battery can provide 2 consecutive hours of phone calls (30 hours of Standby time). There are 3 colour options including black, white and pink. The Phone Strap 2 WX06A’s dimension is 32×70×10.7mm and it is only 32g of weight., which is around 3 times lighter than an iPhone 5.



We have no information regarding its price and release date. Well, It is quite a piece of invention but there’s nothing more than making phone calls provided here with this tiny phone. So if you do like a phone that is small enough you might want to consider this.

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