More Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumors, Leaks And Mockup Renders Surface As Launch Approaches

More Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumors, Leaks And Mockup Renders Surface As Launch Approaches

Galaxy S IV Leak


Its about that time again. The official launch for a device is excitingly close and all types of rumors and leaks are surfacing claiming to be the real thing. Since we don’t know what is fact and what is fiction, we post it all so that you, the reader, can let your imagination go wild. There’s nothing wrong with reading up on rumors so long as you keep yourself grounded in reality and take them for what they are – complete speculation.

That being said there has been some exciting information posted around the web in the past few weeks.

Galaxy S IV Announcement Psuedo-Confirmed For March 14th By Samsung

Galaxy S IV Invite Times Square


Well this invitation is directly from Samsung and pretty much screams COME SEE THE NEW GALAXY S IV PEOPLE! What this actually entails is a mystery. It could be a massive billboard or a giveaway event or something. If you’e a phone enthusiast in the greater New York City area, I highly recommend checking this one out. March 14th, 7PM, Times Square. Save the the date.


Leaked Mockups Of Design And Specs Surface Online – Hoax (Kind of)

Galaxy S IV Render Specs


If you believe the above image, or the image at the top of the post is the real, legitimate thing, you need some help. Yes, they are obviously fakes but they could be a good idea of how the final body MIGHT look. They were produced by the website Expansys as promotional material for the upcoming device. The company took the existing spec and design rumors and wrapped everything up in to a nice couple of images for a cohesive feel.

Google Plus Galaxy S IV Leak - Android Police


Evleaks, a site usually highly reputable about leaks, posted theses as fact and people went hog wild. Just another lesson to people, don’t believe everything you read. Seriously people, just think before you post. That’s all we ask. If not, you might look like an idiot (See troll Google+ post above).

Samsung Orb Software To Bring Photosphere Functionality To Galaxy S IV

Photosphere tiny planet

Android Central posted rumors that Samsung is working on their own photosphere app for their upcoming flagship. This might be a rumor, but it seems in line with something that Samsung would do. Presently, the photosphere functionality is ONLY available on Nexus devices, leaving the majority of devices out in the cold from the amazing feature.

Samsung has always had an attitude where if something doesn’t exist, or exists lower than their expectations, they’ll make their own version. While this generally messes up the ecosystem as a whole, sometimes it brings necessary functionality to users. At the end of the day, Samsung just wants to do what will get them a larger user base. This includes doing anything to make their platform the most full featured option available.

So that’s it for now. The announcement is slated for 9 days from now. We’ll get all of our answers then. Stay tuned.

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