Disappointing! Samsung sticks to plastic material for Galaxy S IV (GS4)

Disappointing! Samsung sticks to plastic material for Galaxy S IV (GS4)

Galaxy S IV Leak

Like what I said on the title: Samsung is really in love with using plastic material despite a considerable number of fans demanding a more elegant Galaxy S IV to come in 14.3.2013. Eldar Murtazin said Samsung will keep on using plastic for their latest flagship phone GS4 and this rumours is sadly confirmed by Y.H. Lee, the Vice-CEO of Samsung Mobile. Indeed, when you compare Galaxy SIII with an iPhone 5, you will find that the shape and material iPhone has is much better than Galaxy S III. Not only is it visually different on plastic, but it also feels weird having a plastic phone. A metallic phone surely might be heavier but iPhone 5 is actually a very light device and Samsung should follow this!

Lee said Samsung uses very durable plastic material. While they think it is durable, they maintain that they have to balance between cost and the material they use for phones because they have to cater for large amount of shipments. Having admitted the questions of many users, Lee said that Samsung will keep on balancing the need for better material and technology they include in their flagship phones.

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  • Robert Baucom

    I like the plastic doesn’t ding break or scratch plus it’s lite weight. My guess is that people who grew up with cheap plastic drinking glasses equate plastic products as cheap.

    • http://twitter.com/RobotSpirits Robot Spirits

      Totally agree. And I also want to point out that people use phone cases now no matter what material the phone is made of. Even you use an elegant metallic phone, yoi might still cover it up with plastic or leather cases. So what’s the point arguing the material used for producing a smartphone with good tech specs?