Windows Blue Roundup – New NT Kernel, IE11, Public Preview Coming Soon

Windows Blue Roundup – New NT Kernel, IE11, Public Preview Coming Soon

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Obviously if you’ve ever worked in the software industry, you would know how important it is to keep new projects under wraps. Well even the best kept secrets get out sometimes, and Microsoft’s new OS is no exception to the rule. There have been a steady flow of Windows Blue rumors, and we’re going to let everyone know about the most interesting things so far.

NT Kernel Version 6.3

Vista was version 6.0, 7 was 6.1 and Windows 8 is currently running version 6.2. If you extrapolate that data, it makes sense that the next version of windows would be running a major revision at version 6.3. Sure enough, recent screenshot leaks have shown that Windows Blue is indeed running 6.3. However this is surprising. Such a major kernel revision usually only comes with a brand new OS after years of work. This fact points to Microsoft drastically shortening their development cycles in an attempt to keep up with the fast paced mobile market. Instead of releasing major changes over the course of the next few years, there will instead be yearly updates, similar to the iOS / Android model. There is no Windows 9, only BLUE!

There is no word yet on the enhancements the new kernel brings, but you can find a leaked ISO of a new-ish version of the software online. For legal reasons we are unable to post it but I’m sure you readers are resourceful and are able to find it. Let us know what you think!

IE 11 Built Right In!

It seems that Internet Explorer 10 JUST LAUNCHED, but now we are getting word that version 11 will be included in the Blue update for Windows. Since Windows 7 just recently got IE10, its reasonable to assume that the next version will NOT be available for the aging os. This promises to be a heavily touch optimized and feature packed version of the browser made for Windows 8 and the new, coming soon form factors (such as 7 and 8 inch slate table. You can bet this version of the browser you love to hate will look and feel great on all form factors.

Windows Blue Public Preview Coming Soon!

Because of the leaks and rumors of a shorter development cycle, it’s not too far fetched to think that Microsoft would be preparing a public beta for the very near future. This appears to be the case. Rumors state that there will be a public beta to existing Windows 8 users by the end of summer 2013. The full release is slated for holiday 2013, and the “Blue” moniker will spread across numerous platforms including Windows, Windows Phone, Outlook, and other services. Blue is going to be an attempt at furthering the ecosystem integration between all platforms for a more consistent user experience.

So there you have it. A quick round up of all the present info about Windows Blue. It’s an exciting time to use Microsoft Products!

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