Job advertisement hints Windows Phone Blue release

HTC WP debuted not long ago with Windows Phone 8 GDR2 system. The GDR2 was received as a regular update and GDR3 will become available shortly. After these two regular updates, its time for windows to bring significant upgrade to the operating system.

The major update will be called Windows Phone Blue. According to the media, Microsoft is recruiting post of testing engineer recently. In the job ad it says the engineers employed will be tasked to work on the next version of Windows Phone 8 to be released this Christmas in 2013.

ZDNet said existing Windows Phone 8 users don’t have to worry of update being discontinued later this year. The update will be in place for everyone. Senior manager of Microsoft Greg Sullivan also confirmed this news.

The update is widely expected to be a screen update to fix and support 1080p devices. Does that mean more 1080p Windows Phone will come sooner or later?

Source: ZDNet

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