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Sony Xperia Z (or other 1080P display smartphone/tablet) fails to play Candy Crush – Fixes & Solutions (Download Candy Crush apk)




Some users and fans of Candy Crush reflected that their Xperia Z fail to download the hot game – Candy Crush on Google Play Store. Don’t worry, it is not Xperia Z’s problem, it is just that the game developer hasn’t officially made the Candy Crush to support devices with 1080p display. Same thing also happens on HTC Butterfly, OPPO Find 5 too because they are equipped with 1080p display. Sony announced on their facebook fan page that their Xperia Z can run the Candy Crush Smoothly too. They have also provided a link to download Candy Crush apk for installation.

After downloading the api file of Candy Crush, you will need to download some files manager apps like Astro to install the apk and then you’re all set. Enjoy gaming on Candy Crush.

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