Samsung Galaxy S IV mini to ship in May 2013?

Samsung Galaxy S IV mini to ship in May 2013?



The word mini is self-explanatory. Wait, look at the title! It’s Samsung Galaxy “S IV” mini. Yes, We all know that Galaxy S IV will be revealed on 14.3.2013 and will be available in shop in April 2013. But what’s more surprising at the moment is there are also rumours about it’s smaller brother – Galaxy S IV mini to be shipped in May 2013.

Galaxy S IV mini will be a cheaper option who wants to get an SIV and enjoy all the cool functions within. The S IV mini is codenamed J MiniSerrano, it will have the same look at S IV but with a smaller screen size and the performance of the processor will also be halved.

What do you think? Anyone interested in getting a Galaxy S IV mini? Tell us what you feel about this news!

Source: mydrivers

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