Sony Playstation Plus to play a dominant role across three platforms – PS4, PS3, PS Vita

Sony Europe CEO Jim Ryan told the Playstation blog that:

We’re not yet in a position to disclose our plans for the future of PlayStation Plus,” says Ryan, “but there will definitely be a prominent role to play for it in the PlayStation 4 landscape.

Well of course they are not In a good position to tell anything because Xbox 720 isn’t out yet. Sony has disappointed gamers worldwide by trolling audience for two hours at their latest 20.2.2013 announcement event which only released information of the PS4 controller and nothing about the PS4 console. People highly speculate this is a way to drag until movement from Microsoft is sought in E3.

Recently, Sony Playstation has released some information regarding the improved player profile user interface which is more connected to both your Playstation network account and your social networks (I.e Facebook, twitter). It is no surprise at all because interface facelift is not a big deal. They can have it instantly on PS3. And latest news from Playstation blog says Playstation plus will play a key role. In all due respect, it is still nothing new! Playstation plus is a paid subscription service on top of the free Playstation network. When you pay a monthly fee, you enjoy some benefits like game trials, games on sale, free games …etc. while many of us are looking at the “free games” they provide after subscribing their service, let me tell you that those games are games that you don’t even bother to download to use up your ps 3 hard disk. Moreover, how can occasionally they put games on sale for ps plus subscribers (always little big planet), but apparently the discount is very small while the games appear to unappealing. Speaking of trial games, I doubt if the game developers are really willing to publish their trial only for selected number of people if they can release a trial for “everyone”.

In gist, the Playstation plus has fallen behind general and reasonable expectation of gamers. Playstation gamers can totally play without this service. Although Playstation is thinking of a way to monthly subscription for unlimited downloading of games. They need to show sincerity. Don’t give people false hope and make sure it doesn’t appear to be very money-minded in a free app world. Therefore, whether the new PS subscription is going to gain my trust again is still under question.

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