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EA Games – iOS Real Racing 3 review – tested on iPhone 5

EA Games – iOS Real Racing 3 review – tested on iPhone 5



EA Games has been releasing a lot of great titles recently on iOS, one of the latest great games – Real Racing 3. At first glance I didn’t expect it to be a very comprehensive racing game with good quality from what we usually have in smartphone car racing games. Oh well, Its free on App Store, meaning a bunch of in-app purchase like cars or engines. But as long as it is free and from a big developer like EA, it worths a shot. So I downloaded it and played for a couple of hours.

Here on the left you will find the title screen of the game. It is very colourful and informative. It shows you the car you are driving, some feeds of the week’s featured event, and of course the games that you will play. Its like a news feed that you can scroll up and down for different courses and find upgrades for your car.

At the moment, there are 46 collectable cars in this game there are two things that can be used to trade things like cars, parts…etc. The first is the R$ the currency in the game which can be used to purchase cars and the golden coin. The golden coins will be given at the start and are purchased with real money for special cars, upgrades or to speed up upgrades.

Sometimes they will do sales in the game for some cars, so keep you eyes on it because those deals were cool. I did get a car for half price. Why do we need so many cars? you will know this later.


For example, when I first got in to the game I will get R$36,000. I purchased a Ford Focus RS which cost me R$33,000 and I started racing with it. The game emphasis the importance of interaction between the real players. You don’t actually play online with people but the game has downloaded other’s user data and the records to create your opponents in the game. So, connection to the game centre is mandatory otherwise you can’t experience much from the game. You can also share your activities in the game such as purchases, race records on facebook by clicking the facebook connect button anywhere in the game.

From the cars graphic I can tell EA has improved a lot in the quality control of the graphics in this game. If the screen of iPhone 5 has not been so small, the gameplay experience could reach the level of playing Gran Turismo 5 like on Playstation Portable (PSP). They have also attached great details to each car like scar and damages if you don’t drive politely and hit into opponents. So your car will get damaged and your glass will crack if you don’t fix it.


Let’s talk about the gameplay. Basically, you will need to race to gain money for purchase. They have lots of game mode for example elimination (eliminate the last candidate every 20 seconds), Cup (normal racing), Drag Race ( short race with manual control), endurance (getting extra time for every correct actions such as crossing the finish line, surpassing opponents)…etc.

There are two camera modes from which you can select on the top right hand corner, the first person mode and the third person mode. But I strongly suggest the first person camera mode because you can get better game play experience and controls.

I think one of the tips I can suggest is you need to be very careful driving your car. You must treat this game a REAL Driving Simulator because any scratches or damages made to your car on the road would significantly lower the performance in the race. Therefore, while you are taking over your opponents you must also be careful not to hit into another because this does no good to you if you still have to take down a dozen of cars ahead.

Upon playing, you will also gain some driver points to upgrade your driver level. by upgrading your driver level, you will get extra coins to purchase things. Most importantly, you will need these coins to help you unlock the tracks or competitions in the series. Therefore, levelling up adds another addiction to this sort of game and makes this even more GT-5 like.

One of the problems I had with this game is that the maps is not showing all the time and I think it is too small to be a map. Well, we are not professional racers, therefore we can’t remember the track. We might need the map to assist in find the ways and predicting our next action. Secondly, I think the viewing angles can also be adjusted. Sometimes I found difficulty in determining my way because I couldn’t view the track ahead especially if I am using the first person mode. IMG_1470



Indeed, I would give credits to the graphics in this game because the cars really look awesome on the 4-inch Retina Display. Although you couldn’t compare the picture quality with that of PS Vita or other gaming devices. I think EA games had made the most out of iPhone 5 to provide the best graphical experience.

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